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Question about selling OR RENTING

Home Staging helps with closing sales faster because the home is professionally decorated to show off its best features for listing and home inspections. Potential buyers are likely to close better when the decor and furniture arrangments have been done professionally.

The straight answer is YES. There are other factors to consider in valuing your home beyond just the age. It is possible for instance that the zoning rules for your area may have changed to accommodate commercial designs. This happened with some properties in Ikoyi and Victoria Island a few years ago. Your buyer may also want your property for particular reasons. For instance, they may have property nearby and wish to expand to a nearby property. Finally, of course, is maintenance. If your property has been well maintained and has some unique features, it could have a higher market value than a new home.

In Nigeria, Brokers are called Agents and are unregulated. The unregulated nature of the profession in Nigeria means that there is little uniformity in the customer service experience they provide. The rule of thumb is to try to find those with direct mandates to manage the seller of owner’s property.

The land-use tax is levied on the property and will affect the activities of the occupant, though it is the responsibility of the owner to pay it out of the rent. Be sure to discuss this before you take the property. You may need to pay it first and then deduct it from future rent.

Yes. It is however more expensive than the usual annual rent charged. They can mostly be found by approaching short stay accommodation providers who tend to charge day rates. Due to the length of stay, they discount the day-rates significantly.

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