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Finding great deals for 1-bedroom apartments in Lagos

I find that more and more young professionals are looking to get their first apartment straight out of mum & dad’s. It can be quite a challenge but with a little bit of work, you can find your bachelor pad in Lagos and get going with life.

The first thing you should probably know is that they don’t call them 1 bedroom apartments so your search keyword should be ‘room and parlor’ as that is how most agents list them.

You should also know that a single listing may be published by several agents, none of whom are either the owner or direct agent for the property. They are rare, but your search will be a lot easier if you can find a direct agent or owner.

With those considerations locked, here are 3 top websites for finding starter apartments in Lagos:

  1. Real Estate & Property in Nigeria for Sale and Rent – Nigeria Property Centre (NPC)
  2. Real Estate and Property in Nigeria for Sale and Rent |
  3. Property in Nigeria: Real Estate for sale & rent in January 2023 on

Nigeria Property Center – This website has a very clean search interface and provides options for filtering out to find the best available options. The downside the first two websites share is that agents often do not update their listings and so you may find something you love and find out it’s no longer available.

Another common annoyance comes from space-saver listings by agents. You literarily have to show them and explain their listings to them because they actually don’t know what they uploaded

Propertypro.NG – The website features a wide selection of listings, and while the search process is not as clean as NPC, there are often finds on this site that you will not find on NPC, especially the budget finds.

Jiji.NG Properties – has more of a yellow page feel and is not purely a property listing website like the first two. Nevertheless, it is a good place to find budget listings.

Try these 3 websites for your property search and lets have feedback regarding your experience.

While you are at it, visit our property page for vacancies in our serviced apartments.

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