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The world changed after Covid and home requirements are changing with it. The remote workforce is the future workforce, and CC was formed to meet your needs.

We help you find fully furnished and serviced apartments to provide the work-life harmony you may have always dreamed of at home. We do this while giving you the option of flexible rent because you are not paid annually so why should you pay a year in advance?

Or you just need financial freedom...

What’s your financial freedom plan? Do you have one yet?
Empty nesters and retirees have an often overlooked asset that could be a source of financial freedom – Space.

While many are aware of the AirBnB model and know that people all over the world are making money from it, they just can’t see how they can successfully launch one in their own space and lack the knowledge to manage the business themselves.

We can help!

From cutting out the spaces and making them private to staging, marketing, and managing the clients, we do all the heavy lifting and give you a regular source of income that is not another job for you.



To organize and lead a passionate community of Real Estate Innovators and Marketers who create wealth by finding and extracting income potential from urban real estate

Our Value Proposition

  • Provide an alternative source of income to working professionals through the acquisition of urban real estate
  • Help working professionals to build wealth by growing their portfolio of income generating urban properties
  • Partner with owners of urban real estate properties to provide working professionals with fully furnished and serviced accommodations and accept flexible rent
  • Help working professionals in our flexible rental facilities to direct their saved income towards wealth creation opportunities that we provide


Spread wealth, end poverty. 

We work with people who are driven to contribute to actions that make wealth acquisition accessible to people who are willing to work hard and grow. Poverty is a symptom of broken societies and implies that we have stopped looking out for one another.

We do what we can, every day, to help people make their way out of poverty and into abundance.

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